MAGNUM Eco Pump switch


MAGNUM Eco Pump switch

The automatic pump switch will turn on the circulation pump of the underfloor heating when the supply temperature of the heating water is higher than the set temperature and turn it off when it is lower than the set temperature. This ensures that the pump is not switched on 24 hours a day, which can significantly reduce energy costs.

This automatic pump switch is specially designed for switching the pumps on underfloor heating manifolds and cannot be used for other applications or systems that use district heating.

  • Prevents a circulation pump from running 24 hours a day
  • Equipped with 24-hour protection Description
W80007Eco Pump switch


Power supply voltage230 VAC (+10%-15%) 50/60 Hz.
Relay switching contact230 VAC 50/60 Hz. – 8A Max.
Consumption (switched off)circa 2,5 Watt
Sensor version100k. clip sensor
Storage temperature-5°C ~ 49°C
Humidity limit5% – 95%  (niet-condenserend)
Adjustment range-5°C ~ 49°C
Accuracy± 0,5°C
Warranty3 years 

Technical details

If there is no heat demand for 24 hours, the pump switch will switch on for approximately 1 minute to prevent the pump from jamming.

  • Suitable for earthed sockets
  • LCD display, actual and set temperature
  • Adjustable demand temperature
  • Back-up (flash memory)
  • 3 metres cable with clip sensor
  • 130 mm high x 65 mm wide x 40 mm deep