Ideal Frost-Free Ribbon


MAGNUM Ideal Frost-Free Ribbon

Ideal Frost-Free Ribbon

In many situations, outdoor taps and pipes are shut off in winter to prevent freezing and damage. MAGNUM offers a much simpler solution: with MAGNUM Ideal frost-free ribbon, frozen and burst water pipes are definitely a thing of the past! The MAGNUM Ideal range has been specially designed to keep (water) pipes, taps, drains, etc. frost-free. 

Freezing problems can easily be prevented by installing a frost-free ribbon, ready to plug in and with automatic thermostat, along the pipe. Then, fitted with pipe insulation, this application not only provides safety, but also prevents additional and unnecessary costs from water damage. When installed on plastic piping, it must first be completely wrapped in aluminium tape before the cable can be applied.

MAGNUM Ideal frost-free ribbons are ready to use (with a 2 metre long connecting cable and earthed plug) and equipped with temperature control through bi-metal. MAGNUM Ideal frost-free ribbons are available in lengths from 1 to 48 metres. The ribbon switches on at a temperature below +5°C and switches off automatically if the temperature of the pipe exceeds +13°C.  

The heating ribbon must never be placed directly on a PVC pipe, the PVC pipe must first be covered with aluminium tape for proper heat conduction.

Installation methods

MAGNUM Ideal can be easily attached to the pipes using aluminium tape or plastic ties (tiewraps). When installed on plastic piping, it should first be completely wrapped with aluminium tape before the cable can be applied. MAGNUM Ideal should always be used in combination with (polyethylene) pipe insulation with a minimum wall thickness of 10 mm. This for optimal protection and insulation, so that an energy-efficient operation is guaranteed. 

Package content

  • Ready to switch heating cable with built-in, bi-metal thermostat.
  • Installation instructions
  • PVC-Tape DescriptionLengthPowerVolt
155001MAGNUM Ideal frost-free ribbon1 m10 Watt230V
155002MAGNUM Ideal frost-free ribbon2 m20 Watt230V
155004MAGNUM Ideal frost-free ribbon4 m40 Watt230V
155006MAGNUM Ideal frost-free ribbon6 m60 Watt230V
155008MAGNUM Ideal frost-free ribbon8 m80 Watt230V
155010MAGNUM Ideal frost-free ribbon10 m100 Watt230V
155014MAGNUM Ideal frost-free ribbon14 m140 Watt230V
155018MAGNUM Ideal frost-free ribbon18 m180 Watt230V
155022MAGNUM Ideal frost-free ribbon22 m220 Watt230V
155026MAGNUM Ideal frost-free ribbon26 m260 Watt230V
155030MAGNUM Ideal frost-free ribbon30 m300 Watt230V
155034MAGNUM Ideal frost-free ribbon34 m340 Watt230V
155040MAGNUM Ideal frost-free ribbon40 m400 Watt230V
155048MAGNUM Ideal frost-free ribbon48 m480 Watt230V LengthPowerVolt
1550011 m10 Watt230V
1550022 m20 Watt230V
1550044 m40 Watt230V
1550066 m60 Watt230V
1550088 m80 Watt230V
15501010 m100 Watt230V
15501414 m140 Watt230V
15501818 m180 Watt230V
15502222 m220 Watt230V
15502626 m260 Watt230V
15503030 m300 Watt230V
15503434 m340 Watt230V
15504040 m400 Watt230V
15504848 m480 Watt230V


System typeOutdoor
Dimensions1 m to 48 m
Power10 Watt per metre
Connection voltage230 V/50Hz
CertificationVDE, CE, IPX7
Warranty2 year

Tehnički detalji

  • Power 10 Watt per metre length / 230V
  • Connection cable 2 metres with earthed plug
  • Class IPX7

MAGNUM Ideal frost-free ribbon has a 2 year guarantee on the electrical function ribbon.