SlimFit 10 & 12


MAGNUM SlimFit 10 & 12

Underfloor heating system

With an installation height from 12 mm, MAGNUM Slimfit is one of the lowest systems of its kind. Can be used for both wall and floor heating.

This system consists of plastic mats (tiles) that are simply clicked together. An underfloor heating tube of 12 mm is clamped in the mats with the same ease. The total height of only 14 mm makes this system ideal for renovation projects. Installation is possible both on the floor and in the wall. 

The open structure of the tiles ensures perfect adhesion of the cast floor to the base floor as well as to the wall. This system can also be used as main heating. 

If the system is used as a heating/cooling system in the wall, the mat supports the plaster and the MAGNUM Slimfit behaves like a reinforcement.

MAGNUM Slimfit 12 is developed for the 12 mm MAGNUM Tube. The 12 mm tube is supplied in lengths of 100 and 300 metres. The maximum tube length per group is 100 metres.

Installation methods

For mounting (floor or wall)

  • Drill size 5 mm
  • Hammer plug size 5 mm


  • Floor Reverse Spiral
  • Wall Meander 


  • Floor Leveling compound or (sand)cement
  • Wall Plaster mortar

MAGNUM SlimFit 12 systeem DescriptionDimensions
W61012MAGNUM SlimFit 12 system3,75 m²5 plates of 75 x 100 cm DescriptionmDimensions
W12100MAGNUM Tube PE-RT100 m12 x 1,5 mm
W12300MAGNUM Tube PE-RT300 m 12 x 1,5 mm DescriptionDimensions
W90012MAGNUM Adaptor / Euroconus connection 12 x 1,5 x 3/4” mm
W91201PUSH connection set for 1x 100 m tube 12 mm
W91202PUSH connection set for 2x 100 m tube 12 mm
W91203PUSH connection set for 3x 100 m tube 12 mm

MAGNUM SlimFit 10 DescriptionDimensions
W61024MAGNUM SlimFit 10 system2,4 m²5 plates of 60 x 80 cm DescriptionmDimensions
W10080MAGNUM Tube PE-RT80 m10 x 1,3 mm
W10240MAGNUM Tube PE-RT240 m 10 x 1,3 mm DescriptionDimensions
W90010MAGNUM Adaptor / Euroconus connection  (per 2 pieces) steel10 x 1,3 x 3/4” mm
W91001PUSH connection set for 1x 80 m tube 10 mm (per 2 pieces) steel
W91002PUSH connection set for 2x 80 m tube 10 mm (per 2 pieces) composit
W91003PUSH connection set for 3x 80 m tube 10 mm (per 2 pieces) steel
W91004PUSH connection set for 4x 80 m tube 10 mm (per 2) steel


System typeWater based
System height12 mm / 14 mm (incl. tube)
System widthfrom 20 cm
Min. setting height15 mm / 17 mm
InstallationSelf-levelling / Screed
In wet areasV
WoodV (i.c.w. self-levelling)
(PVC) LaminateV (i.c.w. self-levelling)
CarpetV (i.c.w. self-levelling)
CertificationCE, KOMO, MPA, SKZ
Warranty2 years on elements, 50 years on tube

Technical details

MAGNUM SlimFit 10 & 12

  • LxW SlimFit elements 800 x 600 mm (4×3 components)
  • Component dimensions 200 x 200 mm
  • Surface area per element 0,48 m2
  • Surface area per pack 2,4 m2 (5 elements)
  • System installation height 12 mm
  • Total mounting height 15-20 mm
  • Centre-to-centre distance tube 100 mm
  • Suitable for tube size Ø 10 mm
  • LxW SlimFit elements 1000 x 750 mm (4×3 components)
  • Component dimensions 250 x 250 mm
  • Surface area per element 0,75 m2
  • Surface area per pack 3,75 m2  (5 elements)
  • System installation height 14 mm
  • Total mounting height 17-22 mm
  • Centre-to-centre distance tube 125 mm
  • Suitable for tube size Ø 12 mm

MAGNUM SlimFit has a 2 year guarantee on the elements, the floor heating pipe has a 50 year guarantee.