I have lost the manual for my thermostat. How can I find it?

You can find the available manuals for our thermostats on the download page. If your (MAGNUM) thermostat is not listed here, you can always send an e-mail with a picture of the thermostat to info@magnumheating.nl with the request for the correct manual.

Can I connect your thermostats to another brand’s system?

Our thermostats switch 230V to the underfloor heating system. When the installed underfloor heating system needs to be powered in this way, our thermostats can be connected to the system. We would advise you to replace the floor sensor with the MAGNUM floor sensor supplied with the thermostat.

What is the value of my floor sensor?

Our NTC floor sensors have a value of 12K. This is also the default value for our thermostats for electric underfloor heating. An exception to this rule is the Z-Wave thermostat, for which an NTC floor sensor with a value of 10K is supplied.